Shooting of Whimbrels sparks calls for regulation of shorebird hunting in the Caribbean

Two Whimbrels Numenius phaeopus tracked by scientists from a US university have been shot by hunters on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, highlighting the continuing lack of protection for migratory shorebirds in this important part of their flyway. Scientists at the Center for Conservation Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University were using satellite technology to follow the […]

Paraguayan project gets gold

A pioneering project in Paraguay aims to show that REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) can deliver significant and lasting benefits to forest communities and biodiversity, while meeting corporate social responsibility commitments, and contributing to climate change mitigation by sequestering carbon. The work has been independently validated and verified under […]

American Tourists Glimpse Mysterious Peruvian Owl

Washington, D.C., November 30, 2010) Recently, a group of American birdwatchers were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime sighting when they observed the rare Peruvian Long-whiskered Owlet, a species previously seen only by a handful of people.  This owlet is so rare that it wasn’t even discovered until 1976, and since then, the bird seems to generally […]

Fossilized Giant Penguin Reveals Unusual Colors, Sheds Light on Bird Evolution

AUSTIN, Texas — Paleontologists have unearthed the first extinct penguin with preserved evidence of scales and feathers. The 36-million-year-old fossil from Peru shows the new giant penguin's feathers were reddish brown and grey, distinct from the black tuxedoed look of living penguins.   Artist's reconstruction of Inkayacu, or Water King, a giant fossil penguin discovered […]

South American fossil finds uncover seabird secrets

Paleontologists in Peru have uncovered the fossil remains of a giant red penguin,  which they believe to be around 36 million years old. The new species, Inkayacu paracasensis, or Water King, was nearly five feet tall or about twice the size of an Emperor penguin, the largest living penguin today. It's the first evidence that's […]

Red letter days for blue birds

WASHINGTON, DC, September 10, 2010 (ENS) – In Columbia and in Bolivia, two rare and threatened bird species are now enjoying an increased measure of safety due to partnerships the Washington-based American Bird Conservancy has created with local environmentalists and scientists. In Columbia, the Cerulean Warbler, one of the world's most threatened migratory birds, is […]

“Terror bird” used Ali techniques to beat prey to death

A new study has revealed a pre-historic  raptor used a technique which wouldn't be out of place in a modern boxing ring to subdue and kill it's prey. Andalgalornis, which lived in Argentina around six million years ago, stood about 1.4metres tall and weighed in at an impressive 40kgs. It couldn't fly but it did […]

I spy – hidden cameras catch rare Colombian quail

The first images of one of Colombia's rarest birds, the Gorgeted Wood-Quail, have been caught by cameras hidden deep in the jungle. The Gorgeted Wood-Quail is endemic to the South American country, and  is classified as highly Endangered. The image shows a family group, consisting of an adult  male, female and five chicks, and has raised hopes that […]